KB20454546: Final Fantasy VII Carry Armor boss battle with speed strategy using Summons and Limit Breaks


This article discusses the strategy for defeating the Carry Armor boss in Final Fantasy VII. The battle speed is ATB, and multiple summons and limit breaks were used.


More information

It looks like Shinra has turned to automation to slow down Cloud. The Carry Armor main boss is (25,000 HP). The other two bosses are the Left Arm (10,000 HP) and Right Arm (10,000 HP).

Fortunately, all members of his party have entered the battle with full Limit Break gauges. This allows any member to move to the front of the queue of this turn-based battle for a quick attack. In the meantime, Cloud, Barret, and Yuffie use summons to quickly deplete the hit points from both arms.

NOTE: The reason for fighting the arms first is well-documented in many walkthroughs. We focus on the mathematics here.

The value “10,000 HP” for each arm allows us to more easily track the percentage of the hit points remaining for each arm. That is, 10,000 HP is 100%.

Things to observe more closely while watching this battle:


The following table describes the boss battle with Carry Armor units. There are three units for the boss: the Carry Armor, the Left Arm, and the Right Arm.

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