KB20450426: Final Fantasy VII Lost Number Battle, Enemy Skill ???? Strategy


This article discusses the boss battle between Lost Number and three members of Cloud’s party in the smash-hit video game Final Fantasy VII. In this game, math is an important part of strategy, as you will see in this discussion.


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The game Final Fantasy VII uses a lot of math as part of strategy.

In this boss battle, Cloud and his party faced Lost Number (Level 35).

The strategy in this battle is a little tricky.

Cloud uses the Enemy Skill ????, which delivers hit damage equal to the difference between the max HP and the current HP of the player.

The difference between two variables can be described with an algebraic expression:

\[HP_{max} - HP_{current}\]

We can also set that difference to be equal to a result (the damage) in an equation:

\[HP_{damage} = HP_{max} - HP_{current}\]

Let’s look at the numbers.

In this battle, Cloud’s max HP was 2653. His current HP during each use of the Enemy Skill materia was 329.

\[HP_{damage} = 2653 - 329 = 2324\]

The hit damage per turn was 2324 points. This is massive compared to the normal 150 to 500 points from melee or magic.

RedXIII used the Sense materia to detect and confirm the total amount of hit points. The max HP of Lost Number is 7000 points.

The large amount means that it will take multiple turns to win the battle (see the Battle Grid below).

Fortunately, this Enomy Skill strategy minimizes the number of turns and reduces the duration of the battle. Combined with the Aeris limit break Seal Evil, this boss battle is not even a challenge.

Battle Grid

The following is table summary of the boss battle.

NOTE: Made with MarkdownTableMaker for Google Sheets.

  Red XIII Cloud Aeris Lost Number
max HP 1985 2653 1745 7000
HP 1985 773 1708 7000
#1#   444   Bolt2
HP 1985 329 1708  
#2#   ES:BigGuard    
Status Haste Haste Haste  
#3#     LB:SealEvil 0
Status       Stop
#4# Sense      
HP       7000
#5#   ES:????   2324
HP       4676
#6#   ES:????   2324
HP       2352
#6#   ES:????   2324
HP       28
#7#   ES:????   2324
HP       0

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